Our History

History of the Alpine Dancers G.T.E.V. Edelweiss

So, what in the world does G.T.E.V. Edelweiss mean?
It’s Gebirgstrachten Erhaltungsverein Edelweiß in German, which translates in English to Mountain Costume Preservation Club and the edelweiss, is a beautiful star-shaped mountain flower found in the Alpine and Carpathian regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland — the representative symbol of the club.

When was the Alpine Dancers group formed?
In 1986, Peter and Ursula Balthasar formed the Alpine Dancers G.T.E.V. Edelweiss group in an effort to maintain the traditions of Bavarian and Tirolean folk and mountain costumes, customs, music and dance.  In 2016, we celebrated our 30th Year!